Episode #002

Episode #2 of the Comics show is here! Naaim and Ben talk about Marvel’s new Digital Comics strategy and discuss Digital Comics in general. Then, they realize they didn’t read any of the same books, so they just talk about whatever they want to! Dark Knight III? You got it! Nova? Hell Yeah! Unstoppable Wasp? You betcha! Then Iggy wraps up with his Graphic Novel corner: Metal Men! Check it all out this week on the I Am Kuhan Comics Podcast!

Episode #001

Welcome to an all-new Comics podcast from iamkuhan.com’s Naaim Siddiqi and the Marvelous Iggy himself, Ben Castruita! Naaim and Ben talk about the big comics news of the week and do a preview of the 2017 Comic Book movie season. Then, they talk about Flash #13 together, plus some individual books. Then Ben wraps up with Iggy’s Graphic Novel corner: Secret Wars (1984).